Sunday, July 20, 2014

Round Robin reveal party

Sometime in February, my friend Gail approached me to see if I would be interested in participating in a round robin with Cathy S and Christine R.  I figured that would be a fun challenge, so agreed to do it.  We had to make a center block of our own choosing in any size and add some fabrics to it.  The participants each had to add a border and could add some of their own fabrics if they wished.   We had approximately a month to complete each border before it had to go to the next person.

On Thursday evening, we gathered at Gail's place in her gazebo in the back yard and had the grand reveal!  Wow, what a great time we had.  The quilt tops were all amazing and it was great to hear the stories behind each of the decisions that had to be made and the other ideas that each person considered.  Sometimes and idea was just soundly defeated by the quilt itself LOL.  

We are each posting photos of the progress of our own quilt and I will link the other blogs to the bottom of this post when they have them up.  

This is the center block that I started with.  It was intended to be acoffee cup.

Gail was the first to put a border on.  She decided to put the cup straight again and made it a tea cup and added a border of tea bags!
a close up of a couple of the tea bags

aren't these just so fun?

Another border of the light blue was added and Cathy S surrounded it with these awesome T blocks.  How appropriate is that?
Here is Christine showing the final border.

Christine added a white border and appliqued a vine and leaves on it.   Then she embroidered a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on the border:  "Women are like tea bags - they don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water". 

 I was totally amazed at how the quilt turned out.  I am very happy with it.  Here is a photo of the finished quilt.  The light wasn't great anymore, so the photo is a little bit washed out.  It's actually quite a bit brighter.  I will post more photos when I get it quilted.  Christine wasn't quite finished with the embroidery yet, so I will get it here in a couple weeks :-).

Gail's blog post about her quilt is here.

Cathy S's blog about her quilt is here.

Christine R's blog post about her quilt is here.

Here are all four of us with our quilt tops

Friday, July 18, 2014

Baby quilts for Amy DK and Amy V.

I finished a couple of baby quilts this was late and the other just on time :-).  Nice to have them both finished.  I was fortunate to be able to borrow a Sweet Sixteen Quilting machine from a friend to try out.  I had debated getting one of these and it was so nice to actually be able to quilt a few quilts on it to see if it was something I'd like to purchase.  Not going there yet at this time...more research on other options :-).

Sweet Sixteen sit down quilt machine

The finished baby quilt - an I spy quilt using the Disappearing 9 patch pattern.

The baby's Dad works at a dairy farm, so I chose cows and other farm animals to be included.

It was fun trying out some ruler work on the Sweet Sixteen using this curved ruler...that worked great
 Amy V's quilt was next.  I had done another quilt just like it for Denise using the Ring Toss pattern from Swirly Girls.  However, the pattern called for 5 fat quarters, but I wanted to add more variation and used 10 which resulted in enough circles and border squares to make two quilts.  Since Amy loved Denise's quilt and her nursery was in the same colours, she got the second one.  I quilted this one with straight lines, using a ruler on the Sweet Sixteen and did large swirls in the border blocks.

the finished quilt
I found the perfect giraffe backing for this quilt
I tried some free hand echo quilting inside the circles...not perfect, but good practise and the baby won't care :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Alexander Jacob's baby quilt

Just realized that I never posted my new grandson's quilt.  Alexander Jacob was born in April, but I did not have his quilt ready!!  I did finally get it finished in May and he is enjoying his quilt. 

I received  a package of FQ's from my friend in Holland for Christmas.  She ordered them from the States and had them sent to me here in Canada.  The bundle had FQ's featuring "Corduroy", the little bear that Don Freeman features in his children's books.  I have always loved those books and read them to my kids and now to my grandkids :-).  Since the prints were large and small and some were difficult to cut up, I played around with a layout using yellow and blue Kona solids and a piano key border with the leftovers and a scrappy binding with the leftovers of the leftovers.  I usually handquilt the first quilt for my grandkids, but wanted to get it finished and did some fun 'modernish' machine quilting on this one.

The finished quilt

the layout of the blocks and border

zig zag quilting in the blue square

border quilting

straight line quilting in the sashings

using leftover backing from my very first grandson's quilt 12 years ago :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Sewing Space Tour!

I am excited to be participating in the Sew Canadian sewing studio tour hosted by Mad About Patchwork for the summer months.  There will be two or three studios featured in their blog posted each week.  You can click on the button in the sidebar to go to the schedule.  My studio will be featured on the 17th of August.  I had a rare moment of organization in the room as I was hosting an all day quilting class, so had to clean up!  I took advantage of that to take the photos needed for the tour.  

Once you get to the info post about the summer tour, click on "blog" at the top of the page and it'll take you to the current post on the blog.  Scroll down to find the posts about the studio's posted weekly.  Enjoy!

July 6th – Patti @Retired to Quilt and Krista @Poppyprint
July 13th – Dominique @The Running Thimble and Cinzia @Deux Petites Souris
July 20th – Anita @Daydreams of Quilts and Lorna @Sew Fresh Quilts
July 27th – Shena @Apple Pie Patchwork and Katherine @Sew Me Something Good
August 3rd – Felicity @Felicity Quilts and Josee @The Charming Needle
August 10th – Janet @What Comes Next and M-R @Quilt Matters
August 17th – Erica @Happy Fabric, Jacqui @Treadle Quilts and Adrienne @Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
August 24th – Leanne @She Can Quilt and Jaclyn @Jaclyn Quilts
August 31st – Pam @Mad About Patchwork and Laura @Waffle Kisses
- See more at:
July 6th – Patti @Retired to Quilt and Krista @Poppyprint
July 13th – Dominique @The Running Thimble and Cinzia @Deux Petites Souris
July 20th – Anita @Daydreams of Quilts and Lorna @Sew Fresh Quilts
July 27th – Shena @Apple Pie Patchwork and Katherine @Sew Me Something Good
August 3rd – Felicity @Felicity Quilts and Josee @The Charming Needle
August 10th – Janet @What Comes Next and M-R @Quilt Matters
August 17th – Erica @Happy Fabric, Jacqui @Treadle Quilts and Adrienne @Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
August 24th – Leanne @She Can Quilt and Jaclyn @Jaclyn Quilts
August 31st – Pam @Mad About Patchwork and Laura @Waffle Kisses
- See more at:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mexican Stars

It's been awhile since I updated my blog.  I have been busy sewing various things, but haven't gotten around to posting them yet.  May has been a very busy month and I totally had the surprise of my life when my friend, Els, from the Netherlands shocked me with a week long visit for my birthday.  I had no idea she was coming and she showed up at my front door, delivered by our friend, Amy!! We had a fabulous week, visiting a great quilt show, shopping at Quilt shops and visiting and enjoying the nice spring weather and sewing in my sewing room!  

I recently had a guest instructor into my sewing studio to teach us the Mexican Star wallhanging.   Els happened to be here for that as well, so we raided my fabric stash and cut out the pieces needed on time for the class :-).  There were 10 ladies gathered in my sewing room plus our instructor, Pat. We had a great time learning together and seeing the results of the various colours used on an identical pattern. 

Busy ladies

We all squeezed around the cutting table

Els sewed on my vintage Bernina 830 and I used my Singer 15-88 treadle
Pat showing Els the next step

First blocks assembled

My first block.  I used Kaffe Fasset fabrics on a black background

Els got her top all sewn together late at night when we noticed one small mistake!  The curved seams are not sewn here yet

My finished top with all the curved pieces finished
Darlene's top before borders

Els finished her top back in Holland and added a lippy between the border
Gerrie added a narrow border with corner stones and a lippy between her last border
Pat K's top with borders added
My second top which will be a wedding gift
Alice's finished top before the curved seams
Mary Lynn's top with borders

Mary VD's top - she's quilting it already :-)
And here is Mary's finished quilt:

It is amazing how different the quilts look with the different fabric choices and border options.  There were a few more ladies that are still working on their quilts.  When I get the photos I will update the post to include theirs as well. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jacquie Gering Workshop

Last week, I attended a workshop through the London Friendship Quilt Guild, taught by Jacquie Gering.  We learned how to do her stitch and flip blocks and started arranging the blocks into a quilt top.  The workshop was fabulous.  Jacquie is a very good teacher and gets right involved with her students and goes around the room helping with ideas and encouraging everyone.  We did a lot of laughing as well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.  

Enjoying an inside joke...what was said at the workshop, stays at the workshop LOL

showing how to play with the units

Amazing how different they look with a bit of turning

I decided to possibly make a wall hanging for my husband's science room at school.  I found the atom symbol and showed Jacquie and she said, "go for it".  Here is the beginning of a layout, but the green needs to be wider and rounder.  I will work on this here at home and then add a red ring as well.

playing with getting the intersections right

chatting :-)

Jacqui and Jacquie 
It was a very inspirational day.  Check out Jacquie's website.  Her blog gave me the courage to try "organic line quilting". 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Circle crazy!

My quilt students bring me the most wonderful gifts!  Check out the Royale tissue box that Roxene's husband found in a package he bought at the grocery store.   

Aren't these circles just too cool?
 Roxene made a baby quilt using the Tossed circles pattern from Swirly Girls with lovely bright coloured batiks.  She was about to throw these leftovers in the garbage can when I stopped her.  I played around with them until this design 'popped out' and fused them in place and finished the satin stitching with various King Tut variegated threads.  I am just quilting straight lines across the whole piece with clear Mono.poly thread from Superior.  I'm liking the way it's turning out.  We're going circle crazy here LOL.  Someone needs to stop me!!

Quilting the leftovers from the circles Roxene used for her baby quilt