Sunday, 24 February 2019

Dr. Suess baby quilt - February UFO Finish

The second Dr. Suess one block wonder quilt from the panel below was finished this week and delivered to a new baby at his shower on Thursday :-).  This was definitely a very fun quilt to work on.  I quilted it with diagonal lines 1/4" away from the seams which worked very well.  The seams are all pressed open on these OBW quilts so you don't want to stitch in the ditch. I am linking up with The Crafty Quilter for her February UFO challenge.

(Click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.)

original panel produced enough hexagons for 3 baby quilts
close up of the quilting lines
Finished quilt
I had a Dr. Suess fabric in my stash which worked great for the backing.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Dr. Suess panel OBW baby quilts

I bought a Dr. Suess book panel probably five or six years ago in a clearance bin and wondered if that would work for a One Block Wonder.  Wow, did it ever!  Just pure fun to work on this one.  I got so many hexies out of the panel that I could make three baby quilts.  They've been sitting in a drawer for awhile waiting for the right baby to come along to gift them to.  The first one is finished and going to baby Nora.  

I thought I would end up discarding some of the hexagons as I figured they would not be very interesting, but amazingly even the ones with the white from the edges worked out very well!  I used every hexie.  I separated them into three piles by colour.  This one used the blue and yellow ones.  The second one is set with green and the third one will be orange/red.  I will post those when they are finished.

I had the yellow and blue top together and was adding the solid yellow sashings and borders and the quilt was hanging on my design wall. I happened to be sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the room and contemplating why I put the hexies in that particular order and wondering what ever I was thinking when I designed it!  Just before I sewed the panels onto the main quilt, I realized that I had turned it upside down!  No wonder it looked so out of balance...all the dark colours were on the top and the light on the bottom.  Fortunately I was able to turn it around yet, but the panels ended up on the other side.  Pictures of the two versions below 😀.

The original panel (I had purchased 7 so I could use the original in the quilts somewhere).
 Here are some of the fun blocks that were produced from this panel:

This is the layout I was contemplating from across the room!  It just felt really unbalanced.

I didn't have enough yellow solid left to cut more sashings so the panels ended up on the right side of the quilt.  The baby won't care or even notice 😉

The finished quilt.

I had this piece of Dr. Suess fabric in my stash which was perfect for the backing.
I'm linking up to Julie's blog, The Crafty Quilter with my second finish for the month of January!

Monday, 28 January 2019

Ready for Valentine's Day - a UFO finish

Valentine's Day is not too far off and while quilting up a baby quilt, I noticed this heart block which has been sitting in my 'to quilt' basket for a couple of years! long did that actually take to finish it?  So happy to have it hanging on my little stand before February!  Most of the fabric is Kaffe Fasset scraps except for the background.  

Finished pixelated heart.

My Maplea doll is all ready for Valentine's Day

My Maplea doll and her friend Kit, the American cousin :-)
 I'm linking up with Julie's blog, The Crafty Quilter, with my first finish for January.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Siblings Christmas

My sister from BC came to visit for a family wedding in November and we decided to get the house decorated for Christmas early and have a siblings Christmas on December 9th.  I have never had my Christmas tree up this early ever!  We have not celebrated Christmas together for many years, so this was the perfect opportunity.  

The day before the party, we picked up three of my granddaughters from school and they helped us decorate the tree and put up our village and playmobil Christmas sets. (Click on the photos to enlarge for better view.) 

Three granddaughters, Lauren, Leah and Kara, decorating with Aunt Thea
We enjoyed supper together and played a game and brought them home again.
On the morning of the day, my sister and I got the turkey dinner all prepped and wrapped up lots of gifts to place under the tree and set the table with our late Mom's china dishes.  We also had lots of candles and pretty Christmas napkins.

The china that my Mom and Dad received as an engagement gift in 1954 is still being used.  Here is my sister, Thea, getting the table all nicely set.
The Christmas village
My Mom embroidered this table cloth for me for Christmas probably 40 years ago.  The log cabin table topper was one of the first things I made when I started quilting in 1989. 
The stockings were hung to be filled later for the grandkids
Gifts arranged under the tree
Even the weather was picture perfect with a pretty layer of snow!
Last year I got together with a couple of quilt friends and we exchanged 2 1/2" strips to make a Christmas jelly roll race quilt.  You can read about that here.  When we decided to have Christmas together with my siblings, I started to think about a gift for them and the thought of a quilt crossed my brain!  A couple more friends wanted to make jelly roll races this year and I again joined in thinking I could make one as a gift for someone.  When we finished cutting strips, there were enough to make two quilts.  But, I needed three!  I remembered the top from last year which had not been quilted yet and ran over to my neighbour across the street, Chris Bogart to see if she could quilt three quilts in the next week!  She is a long arm quilter.   Yes, she was game and told me to bring the first one over.  She quilted all three of them in short order and I sat down to hand stitch binding in between all the other busyness of Christmas.  It was so much fun surprising them with their very own quilt this year!! 

This is the quilt for my brother Bas.  I chose the darker strips for his quilt.
This is the backing for my brother's quilt.  It was quilted with a beautiful snowflake pantograph
Close up of a few strips
This quilt was for my sister, Thea.  I added bright lime green squares between each square when sewing them together.
Close up of the strips
It was quilted with an awesome mittens and skates pantograph

The quilt for my sister Eva
Close up of the strips
This one was quilted with a holly design as she is an avid gardener.
All in all, it was a very memorable and relaxed Christmas.  I now need to make another Christmas jelly roll race for myself and maybe one for my other brother who also lives a long ways away and could not be with us.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Jolly Little Christmas Quilt along finished

In January of 2017, Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts hosted the "Have a Jolly little Christmas" quilt along and I made lots of blocks and completed a lot of projects last Christmas as documented in this blog post.  My own lap quilt top was finished last Christmas, but I didn't get to quilting it.  I decided to send it out for quilting in November to my neighbour across the street, Chris Bogart.  Time to get it done.  She did a fabulous job on it with a snowflake pattern in a light green thread.  I got the binding done before December and enjoyed it on my couch during the Christmas season together with the matching pillows I made last year.  I will leave it on the couch til the end of January to enjoy it a little longer. (Click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.)

Finished quilt

Lorna provided a "Sinterklaas" option for those of us with Dutch heritage.

Chris Bogart quilted it for me on her longarm machine with a snowflake pattern.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Muskoka Memories One Block Wonder

A number of quilts have been finished up in the last few weeks/months, but I've been negligent on blogging about them!  Here is a OBW that I worked on over the summer while testing sewing machines that Jake had serviced.  This was such a lovely project to work on! And, the panel made for some very interesting hexagons.

This was my first attempt at working out the hexagons around a panel.  I purchased 7 of these panels (center of the quilt) at a quilt shop as they reminded me so much of the campground where we camped with our children for 22 years.  Our oldest grandson was working there this summer and I thought perhaps this would be a quilt he would like when he graduates from grade 12 in a year and a half.  I have a pile of lap quilts ready for the grandkids to choose when when they graduate.  

The strips were cut 3 1/4".  It took a bit to arrange the hexagons around the panel and get them all in the right spot.  Then I started sewing the sections together that would be attached to the panel.  The hexagons shrink quite a bit and sometimes don't line up properly anymore.  But, I only had to pick out one of them and rearrange.  The top and bottom turned out to be 3/4" too long to sew onto the panel :-).  We tried putting that narrow brown strip all around, but that didn't look good, so we just did it on the sides.  Some of the hexagons are appliqued over the panel to keep the colours flowing better.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it to get a better view of that.)  Julie Cassidy quilted it with a pantograph called "droplet" on her long arm machine.

finished quilt top

a magical scene of the lake

droplet quilting

Finished quilt
Quilt hanging in the London Friendship Quilter's Guild show in October

a later view with less sunlight on it

Saturday, 10 November 2018


A few gifts and donation items were needed in the past few weeks and these Canada panels worked great.  There are so many lovely Canadian themed fabrics available since Canada celebrated its 150th birthday and new ones keep coming!  Nice to keep the patriotism going :-). 

This pillow was for my nephew's fiance who is getting married in November.  Her living room is done in greys, beiges and a little touch of light blue so I added a blue zipper in the back.

Front of Ashley's pillow which was quilted with straight lines 1/2" apart.

This pillow is the same colour as the one above but taken during the day with lots of light.  It was also quilted with 1/2" straight lines across it and was for a silent auction at a fundraiser for a couple of friends who are heading to Kenya in March on a Missions trip.  Amazingly it raised $150.00 for the cause!

Back of the pillow with a little extra Canadian touch.  It had a red zipper in the back.

This black pillow was done with wavy lines and was for a gift for a couple that got married in BC recently and had a reception last night for Ontario friends.

The Canadian poppies fit with Remembrance day as well as a patriotic Canadian touch.