Friday, 18 April 2014

Jacquie Gering Workshop

Last week, I attended a workshop through the London Friendship Quilt Guild, taught by Jacquie Gering.  We learned how to do her stitch and flip blocks and started arranging the blocks into a quilt top.  The workshop was fabulous.  Jacquie is a very good teacher and gets right involved with her students and goes around the room helping with ideas and encouraging everyone.  We did a lot of laughing as well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.  

Enjoying an inside joke...what was said at the workshop, stays at the workshop LOL

showing how to play with the units

Amazing how different they look with a bit of turning

I decided to possibly make a wall hanging for my husband's science room at school.  I found the atom symbol and showed Jacquie and she said, "go for it".  Here is the beginning of a layout, but the green needs to be wider and rounder.  I will work on this here at home and then add a red ring as well.

playing with getting the intersections right

chatting :-)

Jacqui and Jacquie 
It was a very inspirational day.  Check out Jacquie's website.  Her blog gave me the courage to try "organic line quilting".