Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kit goes for a Sleepover

My American Girl doll, Kit Kittredge, went to my granddaughters' home for a sleepover!  Lauren has a 'just like me' doll that she named Sarah and Leah just got Ruthie (Kit's best friend from the historical doll series) for her birthday.  So, Kit got to go to Leah and Lauren's for a few days and even got to go to a birthday party with Lauren :-).

Here she is waiting to be picked up for her sleepover.  Her dog, Grace, got to go along.

 Kit with her best friend Ruthie (Leah's new doll):

 Ruthie and Kit having fun with Sarah (Lauren's doll):

 Tucked into bed together (bed made by Leah and Lauren's Dad):

Aren't they cute when they are sleeping? 

Kit wearing her birthday dress that she got for my birthday :-)

Kit is back home again waiting patiently for the some friends to come over and play: