Friday, 13 July 2007

My first and second quilt :-)

This is the second quilt I started, but the first I finished. I took a Quilt in a Day log cabin class at one of our local quilt shops and learned a lot! I learned how to use a rotary cutter (and finished cutting the pieces for Amanda's Sister's Choice Quilt instead of using a pair of scissors!) and learned that if you try to hide a fabric that's not blue and not white between two darker fabrics, it ends up standing out more!! There are some polyester fabrics in this quilt (I also learned about using cotton) and I learned all about strip piecing quilts and how quickly that goes! I did indeed finish the whole top for this quilt in the class. What fun it was. I still have a soft spot for the log cabin quilt and have to do one to 'get it out of my system every once in awhile' :-).
This quilt was tied.

The date wore off the label! I think I finished this quilt in 1990??