Monday, 10 September 2007

Table Runner from my Friends

I found a set of four fat quarters of coffee themed fabrics at our fairly local quilt shop, The Marsh Store in Coldstream, ON and bought them on a whim and sent them to my two friends, Lynn and Amy. The instructions were to do something with them when they get together for their weekly sewing day. On my next birthday, I received this lovely table runner from them. They made three, so we all have a matching one. Here is the table runner:

I have the table runner on my Singer 27 treadle just like the one I learned to sew on at age 7 that is in my livingroom. The beige toy Singer 20 child's sewing machine looks very nice on it.

Check out the cool coffee cups that are quilted in some of the blocks:

More of the lovely quilting!

This pictures is a little washed out, but you can see the crossed coffee spoons on one of the squares. Thanks Amy and Lynn for such a lovely gift! I absolutely love it. Come for coffee anytime! The coffee's on!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Old Thread Spools

This collection is a byproduct of sewing machine collecting :-). Whenever we buy machines in cabinets or cases, we often get spools of thread with them. I started dumping them into a small basket which turned into a larger and larger basket! Now the grandkids love to play with them as they roll over the hardwood floor really nicely! Sometimes we find just the exact right colour in here to topstitch a particular project!

This is a spool of silk thread:

The brand and size information are stamped right into the wooden spool.

I will post a separate blog entry on the table runner under the spool :-).