Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mini Tulips Finished

I just realized it's been way too long since I updated my blog.  That's because I've been busy actually finishing projects.  We had a local quilt show last weekend which gave the push to finish things.  

The little mini tulips quilt that I started in the workshop taught by Kathy Wagner is finished.  It was a challenge working with such tiny pieces.  I should have located my scrapbooking tweezers to help pick up the pieces :-).  While assembling the tiny blocks, which are composed of 16 squares and half square triangles that measure 1/4" finished!, I aimed them at my trusty Singer 15-88 treadle and hoped they came out the other end sewn together!  Sorry about the upside down measurements on the photo, but it gives an idea of the size: 

 Here is the finished quilt, complete with binding AND a label!  The label took up half of the back.  I should have just made a large label and used it as backing LOL

Kathy is a real enabler!!  I am actually saving the trimmings from these little blocks as well as cut offs of other blocks and bought two more small glass jars like this one at the local thrift shop on Saturday so I can store the different colours in pretty glass jars!!

 The scraps do look very pretty in the jars, especially the bright coloured ones.  When I have the jars filled with some colour, I'm going to go to Kathy and get instructions on what to do next :-)