Sunday, 3 February 2013

Doll bed and quilt

The elementary school where my grandkids go, has a fundraising auction each year.  Quite a few of the girls have American Girl dolls.  My two oldest granddaughters both have a doll and my son, Tim made beds for each of the girls for Christmas.  He decided to make one for the auction as well.  My daughter in law, Jannyne, made the sheets and pillows and asked me to make a little quilt for it.  What fun!

The sheets and little pillowcase :-)

The little pinwheels are made from the cut-off triangles from my Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt.

Jannyne made some cute throw pillows for the bed as well

My AG doll, Kit is trying the bed out and she says it's very comfortable :-)

I am making a matching girl's pillow case yet. I will add photos when it is done. 

Doll quilts

Two of my granddaughters received a doll bed last year for Christmas.  I ran out of time to make the little quilts for the beds so this year I made up for that and they both got a quilt for their baby dolls.  Here is the doll bed and diaper bag made last year for Charity:

Here is the quilt I made this year to match the doll bed.  I can't seem to find a picture of the completed quilt!  It's hard to see from the photo, but a friend made Glenda Spencer's mystery quilt last year and she was going to throw all the triangle cut offs away from her snowball blocks. I sewed them together as leader/enders (Bonnie Hunter style) and had almost enough for 9 little star blocks. I just had to add four corners to one block. Great for a doll quilt :-).

 This is Katie's doll bed and diaper bag made last year

 I had ordered Jacquie Gering's Book on Modern Quilts and this idea was in there for quilting...worked perfectly for this little quilt :-)

 Again, no photo of the finished quilt but this is the fabric I used for the binding:

Another granddaughter, Leah got an American Girl doll for her birthday in May and her Dad made her a bed for Christmas.  I was asked to contribute the quilt for the bed.  Of course!  Every AG doll needs her own quilt eh?  I did a mini hexagon quilt and quilted it with organic quilting inspired also by Jacquie Gering.

 The backing fabric was purchased by my daughter in law, who made the sheets and pillows for the bed.

For now, all the granddaughters' dolls have quilts :-).  Grandma can take a wee break.