Saturday, 10 November 2018


A few gifts and donation items were needed in the past few weeks and these Canada panels worked great.  There are so many lovely Canadian themed fabrics available since Canada celebrated its 150th birthday and new ones keep coming!  Nice to keep the patriotism going :-). 

This pillow was for my nephew's fiance who is getting married in November.  Her living room is done in greys, beiges and a little touch of light blue so I added a blue zipper in the back.

Front of Ashley's pillow which was quilted with straight lines 1/2" apart.

This pillow is the same colour as the one above but taken during the day with lots of light.  It was also quilted with 1/2" straight lines across it and was for a silent auction at a fundraiser for a couple of friends who are heading to Kenya in March on a Missions trip.  Amazingly it raised $150.00 for the cause!

Back of the pillow with a little extra Canadian touch.  It had a red zipper in the back.

This black pillow was done with wavy lines and was for a gift for a couple that got married in BC recently and had a reception last night for Ontario friends.

The Canadian poppies fit with Remembrance day as well as a patriotic Canadian touch.