Saturday, 17 March 2007

A Quilt for my Dad

My Mom asked me to make a quilt for my Dad for his birthday. A few years ago, I made a quilt for my Mom using a batch of brown and tan calicos that I purchased at an auction for $4.00. There were four boxes of fabrics which I hadn't really looked at closely, but the auctioneer couldn't get a bid, so I impulsively bid $2.00. Of course someone then bid against me and then I had to have it :-). I found all kinds of treasures in those boxes including a set of hand embroidered quilt blocks and a complete quilt top and matching dresser scarf which was embroidered as well. This is the quilt I made for my Mom (my Dad is holding it up for me):

Here is the quilt I made for my Dad:

The light parts of the log cabin blocks are meandered (is that a word?) and the borders done with a free motion leaf design. I didn't have enough dark fabric left for the borders so put a 'lippy' (flat piping) around between the border and the binding and between the border and the quilt to frame it. Again, the whole quilt was done on my trusty Singer 15-88 treadle sewing machine made in 1951 in Canada.


Karen said...

Hi Jacqui, I followed a link from vintage fabrics and visited your blog. I am not a quilter ( yet) but I love looking at them and this one is just beautiful. I love the way it "meanders".

Gamawinkie Renea said...

good job on the "treasures of the past". I like the browns in the quilt.