Friday, 11 May 2007

Daniella's Baby Quilt

We had a shower last night for little Daniella. This is the quilt I made for her. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a bright, lime green T-shirt which looked so nice on her with her black, black hair! She wears bright colours a lot and her mother is a teacher, so a bright quilt was in order for her :-). The first two pictures were taken outside and are a little washed out. The close up pictures show the actual colours better. This quilt is made with four patches cut out of four layers of exactly the same strip of fabric. I could not find the original designer of these blocks. I had heard of the concept and tried it and experimented with the method until I found the best way to do it. I designed this quilt myself and have put together the pattern for it using actual photographs of the construction of this quilt.

Closeup of the corner quilting.
Close up of the center blocks showing the colours of the quilt.

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Sarah by the Sea said...

i love this quilt! daniella is one blessed little girl :)