Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My first quilt (technically)

Thought I'd post my very first quilt! I got interested in quilting in 1989 and decided to make my first quilt for my daughter Amanda (called Mandy at that time). I hadn't heard of rotary cutters and rulers and cutting boards, so jumped in with the Sister's Choice block; polyester fabrics and scissors!! Oh, and it had double narrow sashings around each block with four patch corner stones! It took four years before I had it finished, but finish it I did! We bought a whole bolt of the backing fabric as the price was right and we made curtains, covered a chair and made all kinds of accents for the room. While I was making the quilt, I ended up in a Quilt shop and they advertised Quilt in a Day classes. This was a novel idea! I took the class just to see if it was true. I learned about rotary cutters and cotton fabric there! I finished this quilt using a rotary cutter instead of scissors. I just asked my daughter in law for a picture of my son's first quilt. That was the first quilt I finished, but technically, this is my first quilt :-). Here is a picture of Amanda's favourite block. The blue fabric was from "Aunt Eva's pregnant overalls" as we called them :-). Each block had different fabrics in the 9 patches and they were all from fabrics I used to make Amanda's clothing...a real memory now. "Remember that dress? Remember that shirt?" :-)

I bought a label and embroidered it with name and date:

Here is the full quilt pictured on Amanda's clothes line. I did prairie points around the whole outside edge and remember vowing that I would never make prairie points again! I am to the point now that I don't remember the agony and am tempted to do them again :-)!! This quilt was also tied.

Sorry, I can't remember where I got the pattern, so I can't credit the designer. It's too long ago!

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