Saturday, 11 August 2007

Josh and Janneke's quilt

Today was my nephew Josh's wedding to Janneke. The wedding was very nice and the weather was perfect! This is the quilt that I made for their wedding gift. It was so much fun to make. The pattern comes from Bonnie Hunter's site. It is from the leaders/enders section. I started it in February of 2005, cutting out blue and white or cream 2" squares and pairing them together into four patches. I also cut triangle squares from 3 1/2" strips of whites/creams and blues as per the instructions on Bonnie's page. I used those pieces as leaders/enders (or thread pads as I was taught :-) for several months. I put them together into a 60" square quilt and then added 2 1/2" blue borders to frame it. I had a lot of fun quilting feathers into the light diagonals with light blue variegated King Tut thread. I quilted leaves into the border. By this time, I had done a lot of leaves and got brave enough to use contrasting thread on the blue borders! Actually, I was too lazy to look for darker blue thread :-). I was very happy with the way it turned out. Here is the completed quilt:

A closeup of the border and feather quilting:

The Feathers:

The center of the quilt:

The label:

Amazing what can be accomplished while you're working on other quilts! Thanks so much Bonnie for the wonderful inspiration!! I loved this quilt so much that I almost didn't want to give it away...solution? Start another leader/ender quilt in blue and white! Again, it is pieced and quilted on my trusty 15-88 Singer Centennial treadle made in 1951 in Canada. Did I ever mention that I LOVE this machine? :-)

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