Friday, 19 October 2007

Got sidetracked!

I've been sidetracked with two major , but long term projects which started in September . With a group of friends from the internet and 'real life' , we started a Dear Jane quilt (I'll post about that in my next blog post). While surfing the 'net on the Dear Jane site, my friend Amy came up with Quilting the Psalms, which is a program run by Carol Honderich (see Amy talked me into doing it and we were off on a new venture. It is a Bible study with online friends and Carol designed quilt blocks to fit with the various Psalms that you study. I almost abandoned the project when I started the very first block and realized it had 41 pieces and the triangles were so small you could hardly pick up the pieces!! With the help of some of the experienced ladies on the list, I persevered and am so glad I did! I now know how to hand piece blocks and absolutely love it. You can do very intricate blocks and it's so relaxing working away on the next block while thinking about the Psalm we are studying or listening to a tape or the radio. Here are the first five blocks that I did:

Psalm 1 Prosperity

Psalm 19 Rising Sun

Psalm 37 Patience (this one really was a lesson in patience as I sewed the block wrong the first time and had to take more than half of it out to redo it!

Psalm 73 Road to Heaven

Psalm 90 Fly Away:

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Jane said...

Very inspiring Jacqui~!
Hope I can do as well.