Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kara Abigail's Quilt

Our 5th grandchild, Kara Abigail was born on October 15th. I handquilt the first quilt for my grandbabies and this one wasn't quite finished! She was born a week early, so that's my excuse! It has been finished for a little while; just haven't had a chance to upload the photos onto my blog. This design was done using the fractured 9 patch or magic 9 patch. You start with a large 9 patch block and cut it in half both ways and play around with the smaller blocks to get a nice layout. The corner of the quilt:

Back of the quilt showing the quilting:

The finished quilt. I used two similar original 9 patches; one with a green center and one with an orange center and a 9 patch with the print in the center for the border blocks. A lippy and binding using the blue brought it altogether:

Quilting in the center:

Quilting in the borders:

My daughter Amanda and my two daughters in law, Heather and Jannyne, chose the fabrics for this quilt. Kara loves looking at the bright colours.

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Anonymous said...

I love how it turned out! What a fun, bright quilt! And the quilting looks perfect with the geometric material.