Monday, 21 January 2008

Garden Fairy Pillows

I found the coolest panel of garden fairies at the Marsh Store last summer. They were perfect for making lap pillows for my friends to use for appliqué and other handwork. It raises your work surface while doing handwork and you can poke pins and needles in it as well...a giant pin cushion! The first one was for my friend Lynn for her birthday in September. The caption on the panel says "There you go again, blooming instead of aging".
Susan got hers for her birthday in November. Hers says "When you share a moment with a special friend, it becomes a lovable memory."

Amy got hers for her birthday in January. Hers says, "What would I ever do without a special friend like you".

Christine got her pillow for Christmas: "Celebrating another year as friends".

By this time I wanted a pillow too :-). There was one panel that wasn't really aimed at friendship. It says, "Gather joy - spread happiness; embrace the gift of life." So, this is the one I made for myself. I am using it a lot when hand piecing my Psalm blocks and appliquéing and hand piecing my Dear Jane blocks.


Elly D said...

These pillows are lovely and what a great idea for birthday gifts for quilting friends. Elly

comicbooklady said...

You've picked the right one for yourself! thanks for spreading the joy!

Anonymous said...

Aww they're cute. I'm inspired. :)