Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I've been sidetracked from working on my UFO's by a Ladies Dinner held at our Church. We had a fabulous time! Nine ladies volunteered to host a table. We had to decorate our table with a theme and invite guests (or guests could sign up and be placed at one of our tables). When we planned this dinner, it was still snowing outside, so I chose 'bright' as my theme. I needed some major colour in my life :-). There was a pattern for two miniature quilts on the cover of the "Fast & Fabulous Quilting Ideas 2008" from Better Homes & Gardens which caught my eye. I knew these would be wonderful on my table! This was my first attempt at embroidering by machine with a different colour thread. I used my vintage Bernina 807 minimatic which worked very well.

I also did machine embroidery on the red flowers, but learned that I should have used a different shade of red for it to show up a little better. I used steam a seam lite for the applique pieces and machine appliqued the quilts. They are about 9" square.

The little lunch bag that I made earlier to match my quilt bag (see April 2nd blog post) was also suggested for 'name tags' . I experimented with making the bag a lot smaller and came up with these cool little bags filled with candy to use for my place cards at the table. I found the tags in my local Walmart in the clearance section; bonus!

I talked my friend Joan into helping me mass produce baggies for whoever wished to have some in their chosen colours. These are the bags we made:

Here are the bags that were on my table. I had a bright green table cloth with a vivid yellow mum in the center and I even found lime green and bright blue candy covered almonds at the bulk food store!

I could not resist taking a picture of my garbage can after this project! Too much fun. How can you throw this away????? :-)


Mel said...

Nice garabage can!! :O) lol

Elly D said...

There's some big bits in that garbage can!!lol.

Love your little table mats.. gorgeous!!

comicbooklady said...

I am sure yours was the brightest table! great job!

Household of Faith said...

what a neat idea for the ladies dinner. My mom was at your table and enjoyed it. Looks like I missed out on a fun evening!