Thursday, 9 October 2008

E 3 Paddle Wheels

I finally got another Dear Jane block finished on an impulse this afternoon. I was cleaning out my sewing room when I came across a pattern I'd printed out a long time ago. Since my cutting table was empty and my blue and white fabrics accessible (because of the cleanup :-), I had just enough time to make this little block. It does look like paddle wheels! This makes 52 blocks out of 169 and I've got my first year in of my 10 year aim! Should be able to get the project done within my 10 year goal.

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Christina said...

Great idea to make long goals. I stopped trying to rush and see how many quilts I could get done. Instead I have several strated and just work on the one I feel like at a more leasurie pace. I enjoy the prosses more this way.