Saturday, 29 November 2008

Quilt Guild retreat

Mary-Lou sent a few more pictures which I added just now. Thanks Mary-Lou!

I attended a very enjoyable retreat from my local small quilt guild today. We had a great day together and accomplished a lot! Our guild has 17 or 18 members and we meet at each others' homes for show and tell, brainstorming and enjoying good food and fellowship. At our last meeting, we were all paired up to get to know another member better and work on a charity quilt for chemo patients at our local hospital. Several of us worked on these quilts and others worked on Christmas gifts or other UFO's. Here is my partner, Yvonne, working on purple and blue Boxy Stars from Bonnie Hunter's great site. We chose a pansy fabric with reds, greens, blues, purples and golds for our border and started cutting strips from our stashes that blended with this fabric. Here is Yvonne working hard on her purple and blue version of boxy stars:

Pat P was working on a quilt using Australian fabrics that her son brought from Australia.

Mary-Lou's taking a coffee break while working on a stained glass applique:

Mary-Lou sent this picture of her stained glass butterfly top so far so we can see that she didn't sit and drink coffee all day LOL:

Jessie working hard on her blue and yellow charity quilt that she is making together with Chris:

Chris working hard at her machine: shall we lay out the blocks? A big advantage of working on a project at a retreat is getting help and lots of opinions :-). Here Mary Lou is giving Jessie a hand:

Chris and Jessie with their finished top!

Chatting is also a big part of a retreat :-). The conversation had something to do with being short! Heather is making a point while Anne's working hard and Pat O is listening:

Anne posing between the two shorties LOL:

Heather is working on a snowman Christmas quilt using a charm pack:

Denise had 12 hand embroidered squares done by her Mother and was squaring them up to add sashing:

The blocks were awesome and so nicely done:

Denise sewed a lovely blue sashing between the blocks:

Mary-Lou sent this picture of Denise's finished top:

Cynthia taking a break from sewing very diligently on her Cobblestones quilt from a Heather Stewart workshop at the London Friendship Quilt Guild.

Carolyn, deep in thought over the next cut to make :-):

Of course I didn't get a chance to take a picture of myself working hard, but I did get lots is the evidence :-). Red and green Boxy Stars with a gold center. But, when we put the original focus pansy fabric alongside the blocks for a border, it looked terrible! So, we brainstormed that these blocks would look best without sashings and I will add a small border of the background white fabric and then look for a green fabric in my stash for a border.

Mary-Lou sent this picture of me working at my station, so you can see proof that I was actually there myself LOL:

Of course, no retreat is complete without goodies. There was plenty of coffee and tea and wonderful squares, and, of course, chocolate!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Wayside Inn. It certainly was an enjoyable day. Thanks so much Pat P for organizing it!


Kristie said...

Wow! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! You all are a very talented group of ladies!

Miri said...

You ladies certainly were busy! Looks like you had a great time too. (I love your sewing machine!)

Kathy Wagner said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!
Thanks for showing us all the projects...very inspiring!
And very nice to see you again!!!