Friday, 2 January 2009

"New" vintage machine Bernina 614

My friend, Nancy, picked up a machine at a yard sale and took it home, but it was seized up, so she donated it to Jake. He fiddled with it for awhile and got it freed up and sewing again. I finally cleaned it up and oiled it and took it for a test spin. I got a cabinet from my friend, Amy and it fits perfectly. It's an interesting machine in that it's a Bernina, but totally straight stitch. Here is the machine in the cabinet:

As you can see, the cabinet has a few issues. It probably comes out of a school home ec class judging by the style and the initials scratched into the front! Obviously someone didn't like home ec class :-). I cleaned it up with an elixir and paste wax and it spruced it up quite nicely. I kind of like the heritage marks on it.

The head is a very retro looking green. It sews nicely so far. It also has the option of dropping the feed dogs so I'll try free motion quilting on it next.


pwl said...

Be very, very careful. It all starts with one machine! LOL I inherited my mother's 831 - which I LOVE - and since then I've acquired 5 more Bernies *grin*. They're wonderful machines.

Jacqui's Quilts said...'s MUCH too late for your warning!! I have already have four Bernina's and about 150 other full size and toy sewing machines in the collection. I am getting much more picky though as to what I bring home :-).

pwl said...

I think you beat me in the total number - my SIL keeps wishing I collected only toy machines - we ran out of room to display a while ago :( I think collecting pincushions might be a bit simpler :)

Lucy said...

What a beatiful machine in a beautiful chest