Friday, 16 October 2009


We had a fabulous day together at my friend Amy's house. We got together with five of us to sew cubes. What fun!! And addictive too.... Here is Amy getting us organized:

Amy, Yellie, Barb and Lynn are busy choosing fabrics and cutting at Amy's wonderful cutting table:

Lynn, Barb and Yellie cutting diligently. Note the garbage container on the cutting board!! Amy's sense of humour :-).

Lynn concentrating on cutting:

Lynn and Barb brainstorming ideas for the blocks:

Barb, Yellie and Amy pondering options:

Barb busily sewing blocks. These blocks are so addictive as you hurry along just so you can see what the colours are going to look like! I was sewing beside can just see the Featherweight peeking out of the photo:

Me, Barb and Lynn sewing and laying out our blocks:

The ironing station:

Yellie working away at her blocks.

Barb and I sewing:

Barb, Amy and Yellie gathering to take a look at our blocks. Lynn had just stepped out of the picture :-).

Lynn putting her blocks on the flannel board:

Yellie's blocks:

Barb's blocks which she finished later:

My blocks:

All the blocks we finished this afternoon..sorry this picture is a little dark...if Amy sends me better ones, I'll replace it :-). These blocks are not sewn together down the middle yet. When you have all the blocks laid out for your project, you sew them together in rows to avoid set in seams.

Amy's blocks! She didn't do these all today!! She's been working on these for a few weeks:

Of course we had fabulous food to go along with our sewing day...yummy potato soup, pastries and scones, fruity tea and biscotti and dark chocolate pieces! Mmmmmmm....what a great day!! Thanks for your hospitality Amy. It was a great day.


Peggy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - I like best sewing with friends. Fascinating blocks, they look challenging.

Debbie said...

I love the optical illusion of the blocks. Very well done.

viridian said...

Wonderful! What great optical illusions!