Saturday, 2 April 2011

Colton's baby quilt

In February, we had a baby shower for my nephew and niece, Jon and Megan. My sister said they liked zoo animals, and I had the perfect fabric in that theme and decided to do a spinning four patch. This is the original fabric:

Four identical layers are cut and pinned and squares cut. The four squares are laid out forming a kaleidoscope (there are four options for each set of squares making it fun to play with the possibilities). This was part of the tiger:

Oops..forgot to crop that photo :-) get the idea:
Here is the finished quilt:

And here is sweet little Colton enjoying his quilt and resting on a matching pillowcase that Megan made herself to go with the quilt :-):

I found a little bit of giraffe fabric in the perfect colour to do corner squares:

Closeups of the rest of the blocks on the quilt:


Ruth said...

This quilt is totally awesome! As he gets older he'll be able to learn the names of the animals too.

The Cozy Quilter said...

I'm surprised that baby Colton can sleep with all those wild animals roaming about! Another fun quilt, Jacqui.

wendyytb said...

What an absolutely beautiful quilt! Congratulations!