Monday, 25 March 2013

Kaffe Fasset Happy Houses

The Happy Village quilt is finished!  It was so much fun to make.  One of our local quilt shops posted a picture on her face book page of this quilt which appeared many years ago in a book by Flavin Glover.  I had seen that quilt in that book years ago and it didn't call to me then.  But, with the colours that were posted on face book, I fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect to do with some of my leftover Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I did not make a dent in them!!  I'll have to think of more projects to make with my leftovers LOL.  Here is the finished Happy Houses wallhanging: 

 I quilted wavy lines from left to right as suggested in Jacquie Gering's book, Quilting Modern

I used a purple and blue batik for the sky:

A bit of a closeup of the wavy lines.  I think they look like the wind blowing through my village :-)

The houses on the bottom row have doors:

I found the perfect fabric for the back at the Marsh Store.

A few people asked about the size of the strips and the pattern.  Here is the book that has the original pattern...mine is a couple rows narrower than the original.  The quilt is about 37" square in the book and uses 1" strips.  The windows are pieced into the block and are the centers of the blocks.  Here is the webpage of the author, Flavin Glover.  There are pictures of some of the other quilts in the book here as well and you can order the book via the webpage.

This is a picture of the original quilt in the book:


Brenda said...

that's fun on the front and the back! is this the pattern that uses really skinny strips?

MQuilter said...

Your houses remind me of houses in Italy, very colorful. Lovely quilt!

Els said...

It turned out very nice Jacqui! How did you do the 'windows', did you piece them into the houses?

Jacqui's Quilts said...

I just had a photo of the design and decided to use 1" strips. Then a friend found the pattern in a book "A New Look at Log Cabin Quilts" by Flavin Glover. I had actually seen that book years ago, but it is very dated. When I saw the Japanese type colours, I fell in love. Someone posted a picture of Tuscanny on the internet awhile those are the colours of the Happy Houses! So this village must be there somewhere LOL. Els, the windows are the center of the block and were pieced into the log cabin/courthouse steps blocks.

Susan In Texas said...

How cute! I love house quilts and your fabrics are terrific.

Take care,
Susan in Texas