Saturday, 8 March 2014

Circle crazy!

My quilt students bring me the most wonderful gifts!  Check out the Royale tissue box that Roxene's husband found in a package he bought at the grocery store.   

Aren't these circles just too cool?
 Roxene made a baby quilt using the Tossed circles pattern from Swirly Girls with lovely bright coloured batiks.  She was about to throw these leftovers in the garbage can when I stopped her.  I played around with them until this design 'popped out' and fused them in place and finished the satin stitching with various King Tut variegated threads.  I am just quilting straight lines across the whole piece with clear Mono.poly thread from Superior.  I'm liking the way it's turning out.  We're going circle crazy here LOL.  Someone needs to stop me!!

Quilting the leftovers from the circles Roxene used for her baby quilt


lil red hen said...

What a lovely use of leftovers! This will be so pretty!

Jean said...

That is so cool!


What a great idea and then you have NO leftovers! The design really works though, and weird how like the tissue box it is! xCathy