Thursday, 15 February 2007

This little quilt was the result of a challenge issued by the Hamilton Quilter's Guild where I was a member for two years while my husband went back to University to obtain h[Photo]is teaching degree. We had to use 9 patch and each person drew a theme from a basket. I drew "Spring". I used the leftover fabrics from a baby quilt I made for my grandson. My thought was to make a 9 patch in a 9 patch, in a 9 patch, etc. But, we were restricted to 49" so the next 9 patch would have taken me over the size limit. The center 9 patch is made using 1/8" blocks and I also used this size for the corner squares. There are 7 nine patches on the front and I put two on the back and called it 9 patch nonsense. It is quilted on my trusty 15-88 Singer treadle.

The little quilts below are from a workshop I took through the same guild taught by Kathy Wagner on Miniature quilts. We paper pieced in the morning and did wonky 9 patches in the afternoon. These are the results of the paper pieced morning class. I didn't finish them all in the workshop :-). I also made another one which I gave as a gift to my friend. These mini's were a great way to afford using those wonderful batiks at minimal cost, especially on a student budget :-).

This paperpieced little quilt was made using civil war scraps and a larger scale print I fell in love with at the Quilt shop where I worked to put my husband through school.


Household of Faith said...

I like the design of the spring quilt you did! Great work!

Angie's Place To Blog said...

thats very nice quilting that you do i look at least once a week at all of ur quilts that you put on here very nicely done

Quilter Kathy said...

These minis turned out wonderfully! You did a great job!