Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dear Jane workbook

I received this lovely workbook from my friend Lynn for Christmas; I just realized I never posted pictures of it yet. This workbook is awesome for storing all the equipment and supplies needed for handpiecing blocks. I use it all the time for my Dear Jane blocks and Psalms quilt blocks. Here is the book closed and tie goes around the back which keeps it together very well:

Ziplock bags were edged with fabric strips and grommets put into them to fit onto three rings which are attached to the 'spine' of the book with twill tape:

Here is the back of the book with a Dear Jane block on it:

Back inside cover with pocket for storing needed items:

Front of the book with tape tied at the side. The Dear Jane block on the front of the book is a replica of the very first Dear Jane block I made for my quilt:

The inside front cover with pockets and loops to hold scissors. Isn't the lining fabric just soooo cute? Fits right in with my Delft's blue themed Dear Jane quilt! The pink rubber tip on the end of the scissors is actually for knitting great:

There are four thermolam pages in the book with pinked edges which are wonderful for organizing all the pieces for a block. The fabric sticks to the pages like a design wall and keeps everything together. I am working on a blue and white block for my quilt. The other two blocks are also Dear Jane blocks which are heading to Texas for a Dear Jane Christmas quilt:

I treasure this workbook and use it a lot! Thanks Lynn for making it for me. It is a very special gift.


CONNIE W said...

Great idea - thanks for sharing.

Mad about Craft said...

What a lovely idea and a nice reminder of a friend.

Elly D said...

I just love this organizer. Does your friend have a pattern for it or did she design it herself? It's just wonderful. Thank you for sharing, Elly

Wonky Girl said...

Great idea, what a wonderful gift!
I may try to put one together for my sister. Than you for sharing :)