Sunday, 31 January 2010


Now this is a very handy gadget! I had a chance to try out the Clover Needle Threader at my friend, Nancy's place awhile ago and promptly ordered my very own via the Marsh Store. What a great needle threader this is. My eyes aren't getting any better and those tiny applique needles and quilting needles are getting harder and harder to thread....this makes it so easy!


Rosa Robichaud said...

I just LOVE my clover needle threader too.... but ever since I've started using only John James BIG EYE needles, I really don't need the threader anymore. *grin*


Susan In Texas said...

I didn't even know they made this. Good to know! I'll probably need one soon. 8) I know I LOVE the new needle threader I had installed on my Bernina 180. The original threader that came with the machine was very much a hit or miss affair, the new one is much more dependable.

Happy threading,

Lynda said...

I'm glad to hear this works well. I almost bought one last week in the States, but didn't know much about it, so was leary.
Apparently there is a German-made one that is very good, but a lot more money than the Clover one. I'll keep my eyes out for this one. Thanks for the recommendation!

cozy quilter said...

My Clover Needle Threader is green--that is a good thing! We will be able to keep them separate when we have a QNIC!

Jill said...

Can you use the clover needle threader to thread sewing machine needles? I use an old Singer and with each the year, it's getting harder to thread.