Friday, 15 January 2010

Fun Christmas gifts!

Today, my two friends, Amy and Lynn and I got together for a belated Christmas get together and for Amy's birthday. We had a great day visiting, chatting, doing show and tell, checking out Amy's 'new' vintage sewing machine and eating good food. And, we exchanged our Christmas gifts for each other.

Lynn's gift for us is absolutely adorable!! She made each of us this little tote bag, made of sock monkey fabrics with polka dot lining:

It's the perfect size for a knitting or crochet bag and it was filled with lovely Paton's wool in wonderful colours:

And, this is what the yarn is for!!!! The sock monkeys in this pattern book are absolutely adorable!! There are instructions for knitting and crocheting a number of different styles of monkeys complete with scarves and hats. I will definitely need to finish some urgents porjects so that I can make one of these monkeys. Thanks Lynn!!

I just love these monkeys with the hats and scarves:

This is Amy's gift for us.......a wonderful metal cone flower for holding the large thread cones. Isn't this just too funky and cool? :-)

There's even an extra spot to hold bobbins! It's very heavy duty; much better than those light weight plastic ones that fall over so easily. Here's the website with more info about these holders.

Thanks so much Amy....a gift which will see much use!


Susan In Texas said...

Hi Jacqui,

Gotta love the sock monkeys! They're turning up everywhere this year and they're ADORABLE. 8-)

And I love love love your spool holder. I didn't know they could be art! My dull, boring Bernina holder seems so... plastic now. sigh. Any idea where she got it?

Happy quilting,

Susan In Texas said...

Oh duh! You gave a link to the website for the cone holders. How did I miss that?


Lynda said...

OH I love that sock monkey book.....a trip to my local knitting shop is in order I see. My granddaughter would love one in pink!
The thread cone holder is really neat! Aren't artistic minds wonderful?

Mary-Kay said...

Sock monkeys everywhere! I see them more now than when I was a child. They certainly are cute. And that thread holder you have is great. I saw that somewhere but can't remember where. Thanks for the link.

Kim said...

Wow lovely having a late exchange is so fun after the thrill of Christmas is gone :0)
I have a Jan. B'd as do my kids and we always feel a bit cheated having Christmas so close....but hey Christ does come first :0)

Happy sewing and knitting with those delicious wools.