Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Check out these colours!

Here are the blocks all finished by my friend Yellie who also took the Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin class last Saturday:

My other friend, Amy's top...Amy added another border around the whole thing:

My blocks all sewn together:

I will add my friend Lynn's blocks to the blog post when she has it together :-). Awesome the way the colours look so different!!


Peg said...

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!

Susan In Texas said...

All three are just lovely! It's amazing how different they look with the different color choices you three have made. Really nice!


Susan In Texas said...

Hi Jacqui,

You asked about Minkee. I love working with it. I spray baste all my quilts, using LOTS of spray with Minkee. This way it doesn't slip or slide or act too soft. I'm told that Minkee is VERY slippery to work with and needs tons of pins to stay in place, but if you use enough spray, it is very stable. I love the results, even though I go through the pricy spray baste very quickly with Minkee quilts.

Hope this helps,