Friday, 14 May 2010

Ode to Aging (or Menopause!) Quilt finished!!

I got my Menopause quilt finished just in time to get it into the local Plowing Match quilt show which will be held at the end of May in Shedden, ON. The quilts will be displayed at the actual International Plowing Match in St. Thomas, ON in September. The details of the Shedden quilt show are also on the IPM website under the Lifestyles tab.

Here is the finished quilt. Sorry I couldn't get a really good picture of it as my cutting table is in the way :-). You can read the original story behind this quilt, and why it's called "Menopause" on this blog post.

This is the backing I's a navy blue toile depicting a winter scene with sleigh rides and skating. I thought this would be appropriate to 'cool' off the colours on the other side!

The blocks in the quilt:

Susan in Texas suggested that I add a border of pinwheels to provide 'cooling breezes' for the quilt :-). Thanks so much for that suggestion was perfect way to use up a lot of scraps from the blocks. Pinwheel production:

I added an orange button in the middle of each pinwheel block. Besides looking cute, it also covers up any unmatched centers :-).

Not sure if you can see the funky flowers quilted in the borders. Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view:

I quilted leaves in the top and bottom striped borders:

The quilting on one of the blocks is shown here. The center blocks had straight line quilting on it and I added some buttons in the center of some of the blocks to match the pinwheel squares.

Here are the individual blocks and the names of each one....#1 Bad Hair Day:

Block #2 Wacky Mood Swings:

Block #3 Crow's Feet

Block #4 Squeaky Joints:

Block #5 Arm Flags

Block #6 Chocolate Cravings

Block #7 PMS

Block #8 Empty Nest Syndrome:

Block #9 Senior Moments:

Block #10 The Pull of Gravity:

Block #11 Can't Remember Nothin':

Block #12 Hot flashes:

Now to decide which of my many UFO's gets a turn next. But, my new Kaffe Fasset fabrics are calling out to me to play! Maybe I'll squeeze in a little new project :-)


Susan In Texas said...

Oh my God, Jacqui, it's awesome! I love the names for the blocks; they are all so appropriate. The pinwheels turned out terrific; I'm so glad I was able to "help". lol

All the best,

Penny said...

Very aptly named Jacqui. Love the "cooling off" backing too. It's good to see your treadle in the photo. Have been piecing on mine on Sunday arvo and today. Just love it, so relaxing and natural. You were right.. it all comes back just like bike riding and swimming.

From cooling down Australia.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Thanks Penny and Susan! It sure does feel good to get that one finished.

I pieced most of this quilt on my trusty treadle and sometimes on a Featherweight if I was working on it at a sewing day somewhere else. I quilted it on my Bernina 830...should actually add a picture of that one in there too :-).

Mel said...

Love the names of the blocks!