Thursday, 30 December 2010

Corn and Potato Steamers

For my daughter and daughters in law, I made these microwave corn and potato bags for Christmas. They were fun to make and are great to use. It is essential that you use 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting without scrim and cotton thread to avoid fires in your microwave! Here are the corn bags:

These were simple to make, just a long rectangle with an overlap at the top:

The potato bags were more work. They are lined halfway inside with potato fabric as well. I had a fat quarter of chili pepper fabric and with some creative cutting and piecing, managed to get a round one for myself to heat tortilla shells in the microwave. It's supposed to keep the shells warm at the table too:

Here is one of the potato bags with the flap opened up:

The pattern is by Legacy Patterns and called "Baked Potato & Tortilla Steamer". They also have a pattern for the corn steamer, but I did not like the way it was put together. This is the corn steamer made with the pattern. It is made in one big finished rectangle and then the sides are folded up and top stitched. However, the lining shows through at the sides which I didn't like. So, a couple of my friends and I put together the other version...much less fiddle fussing and looks finished.


Brian and Amanda said...

Warmed up some tortilla shells in my potato steamer the other night...worked great! :-)

Peg said...

Great bags - have you got a tutorial (or a pattern you can share)?

Quilt Rat said...

EXCELLENT!!!! I have a potato bag another quilter made for me years ago......still works great

Love the prints you used.