Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Last week, Chris, Gail and I got together and made pillowcases for the million pillowcase challenge. Gail brought her serger and we had a regular sweat shop going! In one morning, we made 16 pillowcases. Gail brought them to Christmas care on the way home and they were happy to receive them.

Here's Gail keeping the serger moving right along:

Keep pushing 'em through there, Gail :-)

Chris and I kept the iron and rotary cutters humming and also sewed the band onto the pillowcases before Gail got them to finish the side seams. We used the 'rolled' band method so all seams were enclosed at the top. I call that method the 'sausage' method since the top looks like a sausage when it's all rolled inside. You could hear regular comments about sausages being ready to sew around the sewing room LOL

Here is a partial pile of the ones we had ready at that point:

My husband was home due to a snow day so he took a picture of us with all the finished pillowcases. Gail had made one at home already so we had a total of 17 pillowcases. Gail registered them on the million pillowcase site and has the number on her blog post. There are now 214,739 in total...long ways to go for the million, but everyone bring us closer!

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