Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sewing room progress

My daughter and daughters in law gave me some great additions for my sewing room. Jannyne gave me this wonderful clock. I hung it up in the sewing room, above the yard sale cabinet I picked up last year. This clock keeps us all on time for classes :-).

Heather made this cool wooden button from a cheese board bottom. It was featured on a decorating blog and I fell in love with it. Fortunately, I hadn't found a cheese board at a yard sale yet so Heather painted it black and put a black check X in the middle. It found a perfect spot on the coat rack that Jake made out of an old piano years ago. The Chocolate sign says: "Warning, may cause clothing to shrink" and was a gift from my daughter Amanda last year.

Closeup of the button:


LiahonaGirl said...

What a darling room! The clock is a great addition, and that cheese-board button is perfect.

Amanda said...

As much as I would like to take credit for giving you something...I didn't give you that frame :-) Mine said "Families are like chocolate, mostly sweet, with a few nuts". Still searching for an appropriate birthday gift for this year :0)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Oops! Hmmm....maybe Heather gave me that one? The one about families is upstairs. Maybe I should hang that one in the sewing room too together with all my chocolate sayings. I also have the little one that says, "My soul is tired of chicken soup; it wants chocolate now" LOL Thanks for setting the record straight!

handmade said...

Lovely blog nice projects !!