Monday, 27 June 2011

Foolish? Just Plain Crazy? ...or Amazing?

This past November, Cathy B joined our quilt classes and jumped right in with a table runner. She caught on quickly and completed several smaller projects. She fell in love with the log cabin class that some of my students were taking. She went shopping and picked up some lovely black and white fabrics. She decided that she would jump right in and make a king sized quilt for her own bed!!! Not only that, she decided to design it herself and incorporate two different blocks into the design. First she did the traditional log cabin layout:

Next she did some blocks with light squares in the center and some with dark:

She went home and drew out a layout with exactly what she had in mind and once the blocks were all completed (learning many lessons along the way and using her best friend...the stitch ripper) we laid the blocks out on the design wall and added triangles on the top and bottom:

Rather than taking the easy way and adding some plain borders, she persevered and made piano key borders from the leftover strips and added corner stones in the four corners:

Next came the huge job of pinning the quilt!

Cathy is tying this quilt with white and black narrow ribbon so that she can do it all herself.

Here she is busy putting in the ties into her quilt (btw, she's not angry here....just has a clip in her mouth lol):

The amazing thing is that Cathy has just had her 4th round of chemo for cancer! She has been going through treatments for 5 years. She is an amazing inspiration with her determination and upbeat attitude to life and we are all proud of her for this awesome accomplishment. She often wondered if she was foolish or just plain crazy to take on such a huge task, but we all agree that she is one amazing lady. Way to go took me 12 years to finish my bed quilt :-).


Brenda said...

Amazing! it's a great combo of blocks and values. congrats on a great quilt..

Ellen said...

Congratulations to Cathy! Her quilt looks amazing.

Lynda said...

What an amazing quilt and an amazing quilter! I just love it!

Deb said...

I love how Cathy played with the light and dark values. Beautiful quilt, Cathy!

Teresa said...

Cathy, your quilt is gorgeous! You are very talented. Keep up the good fight!