Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Antique Quilt find

On Canada Day, we went to visit our son in Leamington. I went yard saleing with his girlfriend and parents. It is always fun to go to yard sales in a different area! At a neighbourhood yard sale, I walked up to a table and spotted a quilt all neatly folded up. It looked like it was in good shape. There was a price tag on it for $1.00!! Yes, you read that loonie!!!! I didn't even open it up, but gave her the dollar and wisked it out of there in a hurry LOL. It is in good shape, with a little fading of the colours here and there. It looks like it's been on a bed with the sun shining on one side of it. It is pieced by machine, but entirely handquilted. It has a really interesting design. Here is a closeup of the block:

The whole quilt:

Isn't it pretty?


The Cozy Quilter said...

Pretty quilt, Jacqui! Well worth your loonie! Do you think it was red and white at one time?

Jacqui's Quilts said...

It might have been red, but the other part definitely is greenish...maybe red and green? that was a popular combo too. Would be interesting to find out how old it is.

Ellen said...

What a great find - it looks beautiful!

Caroline in NH said...

Gorgeous! Any chance of finding out what that pattern is? The interplay with side-by-side blocks is awesome. I'd love to find a pattern and hand-piece a few blocks.