Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sewing in the garage!

I spent the afternoon today sewing in the garage :-). I've been working on painting some patio furniture that our neighbour made a few weeks ago. Jake was fixing sewing machines in the garage and we spent a pleasant morning working and chatting together :-). While the paint dried, I tested the sewing machines that were ready and brought my sewing to the garage so we could continue working together. Here is my sewing table set up to test a Centennial 15-90 sewing machine that belongs to a quilting friend:

Chair parts are drying while I'm sewing :-)

Threading the machine....

Jake is working on restoring a Featherweight we picked up recently:

He even made me a coffee and brought two Oreo cookies to go with it. We are enjoying our summer vacation working together on our shared hobby!


4 a lifetime of loving you said...

Sounds like fun Aunt Jacqui!! I find sewing so relaxing :) - It's great that you and Uncle Jake can share in a hobby :)

Ellen said...

Priceless - I love this post!

Michelle said...

I love that you share this hobby. My sweetie helps me with machines too, but only things I can't do.