Friday, 28 October 2011

Spinning Four Patch Quilt

This summer Jake and I enjoyed a wonderful two week vacation in BC. We were invited to stay in a lovely little home on the property of friends of ours. It was so nice to have a little home away from home to have as our home base. This quilt was made as a thank you gift for them. Our daughter in law boarded with them a few years ago, so I picked her brain to come up with colours that would work in their home. I decided to try a Spinning Four Patch quilt with this classy navy and gold fabric. It wasn't the perfect spinning four patch fabric as the repeats were too small and too symmetric, but it did turn out nice. I added the narrow border of a Japanese fabric around the blocks as it would have been too dark with the navy blue batik. I totally forgot to take pictures of this quilt before I gave it to them! Thanks to their daughter, Corina, who was over visiting my daughter in law for taking the pictures for me. This is the back of the quilt:

The front of the quilt:

One of the blocks:

The quilting in the blocks (this was close to the true colour of the quilt):

Colours are somewhat off in this picture - there were gold flecks in the fabric making it very difficult to get a good photo:

The finished quilt:

Thanks Wout and Addy for letting us stay in your wonderful little home!


Els said...

He Jacqui,
That turned out beautyful,
They must be happy with it, I guess!
Have a fine sunny sunday.
Hugs from Els

I'm Myra said...

The quilt is beautiful!! Nice job! Awesome fabric, and a wonderful gift!!

That "Spinning Four Patch" pattern, which I know to be called the "4-Patch Posy" where I'm from, is on my "to do" list...

Happy stitching!