Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Progress.......and ripping :-(

In 2007, I finished my first Leaders/Enders quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website. I had so much fun doing these units that I started another one using beiges/creams and browns/greens. I also did other four patches in between. I've had more than 50 of them completed for quite awhile.

I use my trusty Singer 15-88 for most of my piecing and usually have a stack of 2" squares ready to use as leaders/enders:

I sorted out all the blocks and organized them this week and have 90 blocks finished. I think I have enough HST's and four patches ready to assemble the last 10 blocks. I may use this setting again, but will experiment with a few other ideas before putting the top together.

Progress is being impeded, however, with the discovery of 7 wrong blocks :-(. I will have to get my 'best friend', the stitch ripper out!

Meanwhile, I've been sewing a LOT of four patch blocks together and have quite a pile accumulated. I'd like to do a quilt with them, but can't come up with a brilliant idea? Set them on point with black squares and setting triangles? Putting them together as just four patches makes a checkerboard which isn't too exciting.


LiahonaGirl said...

Your quilt is looking good. Sorry you have to do some "unsewing" -- that's never fun. A good seam ripper can be a good friend! Your previous leader/ender quilt in blue and white/cream is gorgeous. This one will be a great heirloom!

Myra said...

Looking great! Love it! This one is on my to do list too, since a friend had made one!!
Happy 2012!

Susan In Texas said...

Man, those little stacks of 4 patches all piled up in neat little rows brings back the memories. I just posted my completed country chain & cross quilt today and I can't remember how many sets of those I had...80? 100? oodles. Your quilt is going to be terrific. Sorry about the rework; that's never fun.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Ullhärvan said...

It looks great thus far!