Friday, 2 November 2012

Bordered Diamonds progress

I've actually been doing a fair bit of stitching and quilting and hope to post a few finished quilts as soon as I have a chance to take pictures.  I've had company for the last several weeks and we had a great time visiting and even sewing together.  I made good progress on the Kaffe Fasset quilt and have the layout done.  Here it is on my design wall:

The colours are a bit off due to light steaming in from the window at the side.  I am now sewing the rows together.


Brenda said...

it looks great! how big are the diamonds? I have a 60 degree diamond ruler I was hoping to use on my KF fabric sometime, and yours is great inspiration.

Els said...

Wow Jacqui!
That looks really gorgeous.
Is this the final setting?