Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas 2012

Just downloaded some random pictures from my camera from the Christmas vacation.  We had a great relaxed Christmas just hanging out and visiting with family and friends and sewing and puttering and eating some yummy food :-).

My daughter went to visit her friend in Australia in November and they hit the quilt shop to buy me a Christmas fun is that?  Check out these lovely Australian fabrics plus some blueberries because Amanda just had to take them home!  Wonder why she isn't a quilter yet...fabrics are talking to her LOL.

 Australian fabrics

They also raided their friend's stash for an old Australian fabric

 We finished the traditional 1000 piece Sugar bush puzzle that has a price tag of $2.98 on it!!  Can't remember when we got it, but probably in the 1980's.  Our tradition was always to do this puzzle in December and we've revived that tradition again this year.  There are five pieces missing.

 There were 5 pieces missing!

Bought these handy sorting trays before Christmas so I could get my cookie sheets back :-)

 We did this puzzle next and it only took us an evening and an afternoon and have since completed another puzzle.

 Our Christmas tree this year...not a designer tree, but lots and lots of memories including the old lights that we bought at a boxing day sale before we got married!!

 We had a folded foil star for several years and then I made this star soon after I started quilting in 1989.  I should have added the date to the back of this star

We did not have snow for Christmas but a couple days later we had our White after Christmas :-)

The lighted village

 The Christmas quilt comes out every year.  This was my very first internet exchange organized by a Dutch lady and administered by a relative of hers in the States.  We had to make and sign 64 rail fence blocks with a Christmas greeting

 My block

done in 1997

Block from Australia

Block from the Netherlands

After Christmas, The Marsh Store in Coldstream has their 30% off sale...these lovely fabrics came home with me


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of lovelies. Where did you get the trays? Those look really useful for quilt blocks. Also, I meant to mention on your last post how cute those snowmen are that you were given.

Susan In Texas said...

Beautiful tree, lovely rail fence quilt and I really love that Aussie fabric. Terrific!