Tuesday, 29 January 2013

the Indian Orange Peel - Progress!!!

I finally got working on the Indian Orange Peel quilt again.  I needed some time to put the sheet of pinned units on my cutting table and get them all organized and labeled properly and choose colours for the border units.  Last Saturday, one of my local Quilt guilds held a sewing day in a Church hall and that gave me the incentive to get organized.  I spent the day Friday happily rooting through my Kaffe Fasset stash and got all the fabrics chosen and pinned to each paper unit.  So nice to get that done.  Now I can grab a unit or two and paper piece in between other projects. I have three rows of the center all sewn together and the paper picked out...two more rows to go.  Here is the quilt on my cutting table with all the fabrics laid out for the border units: 

 I took my Featherweight along to the work day and gave it some exercise :-).  

The first three units completed

More completed units...those inner border units were a challenge to paper piece, but after doing a few and trying a few different ways, it went faster:

All the inner border pieces are done...onward ho to the outer pieces

The bucket of pieces with fabrics chosen and pinned on, ready to sew at a moment's notice :-)

Sewing those units together could be a real challenge!!


Heather said...

organization is the key. As disorganized as I often am, i do find it most helpful to clean up the work space and put things away. Then it's like starting afresh and it seems to give me renewed energy. Looking forward to seeing this one at guild at some point.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wow! Way beyond my comfort levels of piecing. That is going to be one great quilt!

Els said...

It looks awesome Jacqui! It has Kaffe Fassett written all over it.
I'm sure it will be a masterpiece!