Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A quilt for Leah

You can read about the beginning of Lauren and Leah's quilts here.  I have to do a blog post next about Lauren's quilt!   We had cut the triangles for Leah's quilt 2 3/4" instead of the usual 3 3/4" because the print was a lot smaller.  We did three sets of repeats to get enough hexagons for a small twin quilt for her bed.  By the time I had stitched all 29 rows of half hexagons, I was ready to be finished with this quilt LOL. 

the original fabric

Leah trying out some cubes for her quilt on the design wall

the solid cubes in the quilt were designed by Leah and carefully transported to Grandma's sewing machine on a mini cutting mat

some hollow cubes in the quilt

another cluster of hollow cubes with leftovers from cutting the hexagons

Leah's designs :-)

the quilting was done by Cathy Shepherd

the finished quilt


Heather said...

beautifully done . Great idea to include the recipient in the planning and piecing.

Maureeneh said...

So wonderful to work with your grandchild and let her have input. She'll remember this always!