Friday, 1 September 2017

Canada 150 blocks - the end is in sight!

I managed to get behind again on my blocks!  This has been a busy summer with lots of grandkids over and lots of sewing machine work in the garage.  But school is starting up next week and my husband has been occupied with school work and meetings at school, so I got to work on catching up again.  I'm all up to date!  And, we're at block 126...only 8 weeks to go and all the blocks will be finished.  Then it'll be time to put the blocks together.  I need to decide if I'll make one queen sized quilt or two smaller lap quilts.  This project has been keeping us busy for a year and it's become like an old friend :-).  I'll miss the weekly posts, but I will be happy when the blocks are finished so I can get to some other sewing again!  But, it's been a great project to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  Here are the blocks from the last four weeks.  There were some really fun designs in here and they were fun to put together.

Blocks 115 - 117

Blocks 118 - 120

Blocks 121 - 123

Blocks 124 - 126
And here is the stack of blocks #1 - 126