Saturday, 20 February 2010

Blocks together

I got the blocks and setting squares and triangles sewn together tonight. I'm liking the way this is turning out. Now the next decisions on what to do for borders. Someone suggested I do pinwheels to provide cooling breezes for the colours LOL. I really like that idea and will ponder a way to do that. I haven't done anything in the corners yet. I might just leave the quilt in this shape..would be kind of cool and save me deciding what to put in the corners :-).


Susan In Texas said...

Glad you liked the pinwheels idea. lol I always think it's good to use symbolism in our quilts. Can't you just see an anthropologist in the year 2260 explaining to her students: "This, class, is a fine example of what was then known as a 'menopause quilt'. We believe the pinwheel motif was used a metaphor for what were then known as 'hot flashes'." lol I like to take the long view. 8)

Happy quilting,

LeanneO said...

Hi Mrs. VMS,

Thanks for taking a minute to comment on my blog.
You are right that it is a Raymond machine. YOu are also right that it says it under the cloth :) I had looked when I first took the machine home so I could look it up online. As for the table, I'm sure you're right as you seem to know an incredible amount about these things. While I love the idea of having it in the house, I do not have the time or energy to investigate it further.

Maybe someday I'll sew something on it. I am quite sure though, I will never be able to use it to create such beauty as you do. The few quilts I took time to look at are stunning works of art!

God bless you.