Thursday, 18 February 2010

Progress on Menopause Quilt

We have some progress on Pat Sloan's UFO challenge for us. I decided to set the blocks with a floral square sashed in navy batik. That looks pretty cool. I'm not sure if I like the arrangement of the blocks yet...I will live with them on the design wall for a few days and see if I rearrange them yet. I figured out the math for the triangles and it worked (at least so far..haven't sewn them together yet, but I'm optimistic :-). I pinned a few first border ideas around the's the orange and pink stripe with polka dots on it:

This is with a navy border aroud the blocks. I find this a little strong?

Here is the navy first with the orange next:

I have to ponder these options for a bit as well. I want to make some kind of pieced border with lots of the bright scraps...I could do a 2 1/2" squares border between navy strips? Or possibly half square triangles?? Or rectangles? Or square in a square blocks with bright squares set on point and navy triangles around them? Lots of delicious ideas to think about :-).


cozy quilter said...

Hi Jacqui. I like the navy border around the outside of the quilt followed by a brightly coloured border. I've heard someone say that you must let your quilt speak to you!!! LOL Gail

Penny said...

Hi Jacqui,the blocks look great. What about trying the orange as first border like a mount on a picture, then the navy like a darker second mount or frame. No harm playing around for a few days? Also, Callie's Polka Dot Quilt looks great, is it your pattern? Penny

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Wonder who that was that told you that Gail? LOL It is speaking to me, but it's sending mixed messages so far. I like Penny's idea too..they both look good. I have a few more colours to play with and will get the blocks together and then let the quilt speak some more!

Penny, Callie's polka dot quilt was from a Fons & Porter magazine...can't remember which one, but seems to me summer or fall 2008 ish? I'll see if I can find it.

Susan In Texas said...

I LOVE how this is taking shape! It looks terrific on point with the dark sashing. For the border, how about pinwheels made out of half square triangles? You could say they're there for the cooling breeze. ;)

Susan in Texas

Nancy-Rose said...

Jacqui!!! I love it!!!!

Penny said...

Thanks Jacqui, found it. You guessed right Summer 2008. Had a laugh on Susan's comment about the pinwheels and coolng breezes...we could do with that at the moment while you have been freezing. At least we are not under threat of being burnt out this year. Penny

Jacqui's Quilts said...

I LOVE this idea Susan!! What a hoot that would be. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind and see if I can use that idea...not sure I have enough fabric to do that, but I could at least add some for corner stones somewhere.

Are you in Australia Penny?

Penny said...

Hi Jacqui, yes I am in Australia! Did your daughter and daughter-in-law have their babies safely? Have searched for the F & P Summer 2008 mag on F&P, Amazon and Ebay but to no avail! Looking forward to see what you finally decide on for this quilt!

Mario A. said...

I wake up regularly with my pyjamas my housband take his
sildenafil and dripping with sweat, i only have a 7 tog quilt and wear cotton pjs. This is the only symptom i have as i still have regular periods. Is it possibly the menopause, i am 41