Monday, 15 February 2010

Denise's Good-bye quilt

The Elgin Piecemaker's guild had a get together for one of our members, Denise, who is moving to Nova Scotia. We all secretly made a block using blue and white fabrics and Pat assembled them into this lovely top. It was quilted by Alvin and Heather. It turned out beautifully!! Here is Jessie (left) who hosted the evening and Denise on the right holding up the quilt:

The swan block on the bottom row represents the tundra swans that come through Aylmer every year on their way back down south and the elephant was inspired by the statue of Jumbo that is in St. Thomas.

Pat had an embroidered hanky that we all signed and she used that for the label:

My block was the elephant. My friend Amy suggested Jumbo and I found a pattern online for him. He's actually wrapped up in a blue tarp right now, so the colour's even authentic LOL


Quilt Rat said...

What a FANTASTIC idea for the label!
absolutely the perfect finish to this great quilt.

Lynda said...

What a great quilt for your friend to remember her time spent with the guild. Liked the elephant block!

wendyytb said...

Just lovely! Lucky lady to have such wonderful friends!