Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Iron carrying bag

What do you do with a hot iron at the end of a workshop or retreat? I've been intending to make a bag to carry my warm iron home at the end of the day for years! I finally sat down today to do it. The iron that I take to retreats is a small one that I bought at Walmart for $7.77. I think the brand is Durabrand? It even has steam! For that price, I figured I could get a few of them LOL. I bought some of that ironing board cover fabric to re-cover a small ironing board and had half of it leftover. I cut out a rectangle 13" x 28" and made a 'box' out it by forming the box bottoms to make a 6" bottom after sewing the side seams.

I then made a little pouch for the plastic water container out of the heat resistant fabric so it can be added to the bag as well :-).

The outer bag with the lime green floral fabric is cut 5" longer than the lining. Press under 1" on the top edges. Sew side seams, leaving top 2" open and hem the openings. Sew the side seams and form the box bottoms as the lining.

Turn the lining wrong side out and tuck it into the bag which is turned right sides out. Fold the the top over the lining and sew, forming a casing. I used wide seam binding for the drawstring. Voila, no more worrying about taking a warm iron home in the car!

Here is the iron in the bag with the water container tucked beside it. I had a strip of the heat resistant fabric left so I wrapped it around the cord to protect it from the heat as well.


Mary-Kay said...

Aren't you talented! That's a really nice bag.

cozy quilter said...

Cute idea! That reminds me...I need to make a new ironing board cover.