Monday, 15 March 2021

Handpiecing Fun

 A few years ago, I attended a class at Hyggeligt in St. Mary's on hand piecing.  I had actually done quite a bit of hand piecing but a bunch of friends wanted to learn and I was interested in getting the templates and you always learn different techniques by taking a class.  The project we were doing requires only two templates.  I grabbed a few fabrics and we worked on the center part and Chantal suggested the black with purple polka dots for the next round.  I had the green in my stash, but it didn't look finished after that so I added the stars around it.  These were the greens I had in my stash.  They are a little subdued for my liking, but then it sat for quite awhile because it still didn't look finished and I didn't have anymore purple.  Awhile ago I found more purple in a basket and was able to get another round on with some more polka dots.  I then decided it would be a lovely small project to hand quilt and that took awhile as well.  I put the last stitches in it last weekend. 

The finished table topper

close up of the quilting

I quilted circles in the center and in each of the stars

I found this piece of fabric in a bag of Kaffe scraps at my quilt guild's rummage sale a few years ago.  Perfect for the backing




Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Lap Quilts

 Another old UFO was finished last week and gifted to a senior friend.  She loves gardening and flowers so I hoped she liked bright colours.  I delivered it this week and she did like it ☺.  The pattern is Spinning Four Patch and the borders show the original fabric that is layered with four identical strips and cut into squares and then arranged with the most pleasing center.  I quilted this one myself with diagonal lines in the center and piano key borders with my Westalee ruler and then I got brave and quilted a maple leaf (with a ruler) in the corners. (click on the photo to enlarge)

Finished quilt

closeup of the original tulip fabric

The maple leaf in the corner is a little hard to see

This quilt is for my aunt who turns 90 in June, but I delivered it to her last week so she can enjoy it already.  I found a layer cake that has been languishing in the stash for at least 15 years.  These are the perfect colours for her living room so I made this no waste Windmill pattern from Anita Solomon's book, Rotary Cutting Revolution.  It's a fun and quick pattern but you do have to arrange it on the wall first before sewing together.  I had a bunch of squares left and added fabrics to make a second top.  It needs to be quilted yet and will go to another senior friend.  They are enjoying the gifts and my UFOs are getting tamed!  Win/win situation.
Finished quilt

I quilted free motion loops all over this top which worked well.


Tuesday, 9 February 2021

DOLL Quilts

 Two of my granddaughters have American Girl and Maplea dolls and Charity's Dad made her a bunkbed for her two dolls for Christmas.  So, of course she needed quilts for the bed!  Her nickname is Cherry so I found some fabric with cherries and matched up the colours somewhat to the quilt I made for her own bed which you can see here.   I had used a jelly roll for her bed quilt so didn't have any scraps at all.  I made a strip quilt with cherry borders and a bargello with borders around it to make it big enough.

Of course Kara's trundle bed that her Dad made for her awhile ago needed quilts too ☺.  I happened to find some of the leftover fabrics for the quilt I made for her bed which you can see here.  I also did a bargello for Kara's dolls as well as a strip quilt.


 It was fun to do a few doll quilts in between.  They are quick and easy and give instant satisfaction ☺. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Be my Neighbour!

 In May, the London Friendship Quilter's Guild offered its members a sew along to keep us connected during the lockdown.  Each week we were sent instructions to make a house block.  Once a week a zoom meeting was organized and we were able to show one another our blocks (or the lack of one ☺) and chat with one another.  It was a great way to keep in touch and get to know members better.

Kona solids was my choice for this sampler quilt since I have a wonderful collection of them.  I had an awesome piece of house fabric that I bought awhile ago at The Quilt Kitchen in Exeter and used that to choose colours for the quilt.  


I had a darker grey Kona solid and used it for background.  I never looked at the size of the quilt and happily started on my first block when I realized it was 18" by 12" or 14"!!  That is huge.  A panic email out to the Quilt Kitchen for more grey Kona.  Yes, she had it in stock and tossed it in the mail that same afternoon and it was in my community mailbox at 9:30 the next day! When does that ever happen? It was quilted by Chris Bogart.

(Click on the photo for a larger view.)

The finished quilt

I saved all the cut offs from the angles pieces of the quilt and used them as leaders/enders and made pinwheels and houses out of them and used them for the back of the quilt since I didn't have enough of the house fabric for the whole backing.  A multi coloured Kaffe Fasset fabric was perfect for the binding.

Chris quilted it with a bird/flower overall pantograph ☺.

This summer I got a Bernina 1230 and it has a blanket stitch!  I tried it out on these cute bird appliques on this quilt and it worked very well.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Paper pieced birds

 Many years ago, I was asked to do a demo on paper piecing at our quilt guild.  I did a few of these bright birds with my solid scraps.  I finally got that project out this summer and fnished the birds and quilted it.  It's hanging in my husband's office with his ceramic bird collection that we've picked up over the years at yard sales.  Lesson learned from this quilt - I should have used a bit lighter background or darker or brighter legs for the birds.  They get lost a bit.  But, they are very cheery and brighten up the office.

Birds on a telephone wire

the legs can be seen on a closeup

The finished quilt with the bird collection in the windowsill


Monday, 11 January 2021

Round robin UFO finished

 Way back in 2014, I participated in a round robin with a few friends from the London Friendship Quilt Guild.  You can read about the reveal here.  This top was delayed in the finishing of it and then was put on the back burner for a bit and then I had a hard time thinking of how to quilt it.  Eventually I decided the easiest way to quilt it would be by hand.  I found some Kaffe backing in my stash and had fun quilting it by hand, adding more and more to the stitching.  It was finally finished in April of 2020, but I realized I'd forgotten to blog about this quilt as well. I really enjoyed this round robin and would do it again, but hopefully get it finished a little sooner. 

The finished quilt

After quilting in the ditch around all the piecing and applique, I quilted straight lines through the background fabric.

Closeup of the quilting and embroidery

Christine made this cute little label especially for my quilt!

The backing
The quote embroidered around the outside border of the quilt is from Eleanor Roosevelt:  "Women are like tea bags - they don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water".


Roman coin Kaffe Fasset quilt

 This quilt top has been sitting around for a long time.  In 2013, my friend Alice and I visited Hyggeligt Quilt shop which is one of our favourite shops when we need a colour fix.  This shop specializes in Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I believe they were still in London then.  We fell in love with a package of fat eighths that were meant to do a jelly roll race quilt top with 1 1/2" strips using shot cottons plus one Kaffe fabric.  We both made a quilt and they were displayed in the Shedden Quilt show one year.  I looked back to tag the post about this quilt and there wasn't one!  I never did blog this quilt so I added a few pictures below.

The quilt turned out to be an odd size; very long and narrow, so we just cut it to a pleasing length.  I had this strip left over and years ago I cut them into different width strips and used a wine red shot cotton I found in my stash to sash it all around.  I had purchased some lotus leaf fabric for the backing of the first quilt and had just enough to add borders to it.  There it sat in the pile of quilts to be quilted until I got inspired.  

In September I found it again and decided to give it to an older lady from our Church who lost her husband in 2020 and with covid was pretty lonely.  She's quite artistic and I thought she'd like the colours.  I quilted it with funky flowers all over and miraculously found the same fabric yet in the stash for binding!  When does that ever happen?  I had a lovely visit with her when I brought the quilt and she loved it.  It matches her room perfectly.  So happy to have this quilt go to a good home. (Click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.)

The finished quilt

The funky flower quilting

This was the original quilt.  I have it hanging over my computer chair to brighten up room ☺

We challenged ourselves to do circular quilting on our original quilts.  I love the texture this gives!  This was a learning experience as I started and stopped each circle (using the edge of my walking foot as a guide).  If I do this again, I will be starting on a seam and sneaking down the seam for the next circle. You learn something with everything you do lol.  Alice embroidered on her quilt.  I'll add a picture if I can find one on my computer!