Sunday, 3 July 2022

A different challenge - a Pandemic Quilt

 In December of 2020, Rachel Hauser, of Stitched in Color" posted on her blog with a challenge to join her in making a quilt to reflect the many emotions of that year and presenting it to someone special.  Here is the initial blog post of the sew along she proposed:

Since we were in a pandemic and had lots of time on our hands, and I had lots of fabric, I thought I'd try my hands at this and make the quilt for my daughter in law, Becky, who works in a nursing home and has certainly dealt with many challenges!  At our ladies Bible study at Church, we were studying Nancy Guthrie's book, "Looking for Something Better" which is a study of the book of Hebrews. The first task was choosing fabrics for the various rows.  These were my final colour choices:

I didn't have quite enough of a few of the fabrics but a quick online purchase remedied that!
The final quilt.  It was presented to Becky in the summer of 2021.  I had taken pictures and couldn't find them back so finally got a few news ones!

The backing is a Kaffe Fasset print which I have had in my stash for awhile.

My friend, Chris Bogart quilted it with an angel wings pantograph which really suited it.
This photo shows the colours a bit better.

The label on the back of the quilt.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Pin Cushion Frenzy

Summer has begun officially and school's out so we are in the garage fixing and testing sewing machines.  We haven't been able to ship out any sewing machines for charity for two years now, so we had quite an accumulation.  We decided to start with servicing and testing those machines as we met a lady who has connections to ship them out to developing countries!  Jake serviced a good dozen machines and I tested 11 of them so far.  I decided to make some pin cushions as that's a great small project to tackle different machines that have various presser feet sizes.  So, my pin cushion jar is full again!  Here are the pin cushions I made: 

These three pin cushions were in a magazine I bought earlier this year.  I had the tops completed but finished them finally this week.  These are quite large so they hold a lot of pins.  We were given some emery shavings and I googled that for use in pin cushions.  Two of these have emery in them.  We'll see if the pins get sharper or not ☺!  It makes for a very heavy pin cushion!

Some selvage pin cushions were in order for Canada Day yesterday.

Canadian houses

I had a baggie of small scraps in these vintage florals...such happy pin cushions!

My huge glass canister is filled up again!

I might have room for a couple more ☺.


Prairie Children and Their Quilts

 I found this blog post in my drafts yet waiting for my sister to receive her little quilt in the mail!  And promptly forgot to write it up!!  I'm woefully behind on blogging.  

I started these two little quilts from a book Prairie Children and Their Quilts, many years ago and finally got them finished earlier this year.  I made two at a time and sent one little quilt off to my sister in BC and kept one here.  They are the perfect size for the American/Maplelea 18" dolls.

My sister's quilt

I used this vintage print for the back of both of the little quilts.

I kept this quilt.  Nice to get another UFO completed!


Monday, 21 February 2022

Senior's Quilts Progress

Two more seniors' quilts were finished in January and I had a lovely visit with the two ladies when bringing their quilt over.  I found a panel depicting old hymns at the fabric shop in Stratford last fall.  This was a perfect jumping off point for the seniors' quilts.  The pattern is adapted from "Panel Pizzazz" by Patti Carey of Patti's Patchwork.  Click on the photo to enlarge to see the hymn panel.


Margaret's Quilt

Ruth's Quilt

 As I was making a list of the next senior quilt I want to make, I realized I hadn't  posted a quilt I gifted to Bertha after she moved to a new apartment in 2021.  So, here is her quilt and it also finished up an old UFO that I had done for a class sample many years ago.

Bertha's quilt

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Another Senior's quilt

 My aunt Mary is moving to a new apartment at the end of January, so this was a perfect time to make her a quilt to take along.  I was shopping with a friend of mine and we came across this panels with sheep in the colours that Mary loves. I added the borders to it and quilted it mostly along the images in the panel.  

I used a pattern called Gathering by Sugar Pine Quilt Designs, Bonnie Bechtol, adapting it to the size of this panel.

motifs quilted in the 'mountains'

I love these sheep and the comforting Bible verse on this panel

It was quilted around the trees and fence


Thursday, 30 December 2021

Scrappy Brightness

There were still a lot of Kaffe Fasset scraps in my bins everywhere so last summer I got them sorted into a couple of baskets and came across a photo of this quilt on the internet.  I had lots of 1 1/2" strips leftover from another project so I pieced them together and cut into 1 1/2" segments and sewed them as leaders/enders into rows.  At the end of the rows (left side), 2 1/2" squares are added and every second row more are added until 10 rows are complete and you start adding 4 1/2" squares.  It was a great way to use up lots of scraps, but I still have lots left!  I can easily start another quilt ☺! This turned out to be a riot of colour and really makes me happy!  It was beautifully quilted by my friend, Chris Bogart.

(Click on the photos for a larger view.)

The finished quilt

The 1" finished block corner


Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Two more Dear Jane blocks

I finished two more blocks in the last month or so.  Happy to make a bit of progress again.  I am now finished 82 blocks. Both of these blocks were paper pieced.

C 2 Streak of Lightning

C 4 Tic Tac Toe