Sunday, 11 August 2013

Justin and Olivia's quilt

My nephew Justin got married in July to Olivia.  I had four different fabrics and had her pick the one she liked best.  I did a One Block Wonder quilt for them and had a great time making it. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the original fabric.) Have I mentioned lately that those OBW's are addicting?  I have at least 15 different fabrics that could work for this pattern :-).  I had to test sew the six Featherweights that Jake serviced and this project provided lots of testing for them. 

it was a lot of fun playing with the layout of the blocks and adding the cubes

closeup of cubes and border

Finished quilt

the backing was found in the sale bin and matched perfectly

tried out a new quilting design for this quilt using Angela Walters' great book, "Free-Motion Quilting - 28 Designs Step by Step".
feathers quilted in the border

quilt outside on a sunny day


It's been awhile since I posted!  This is not because I haven't been sewing, but I've been too busy to get my act together to write a coherent post LOL.  We have been working hard on sewing machines and updating the for sale blog, cleaning up machines and testing them.  And, I have a new ceiling in my basement!  We built the house four years ago, but had to save up a few pennies to put a drop ceiling in this large room.  We found a great deal on tile and fluorescent fixtures this summer and it was time to get it in.
(click on the photos to enlarge)
putting in the frame

lots of figuring around the angles

ceiling in

this took a little thinking

this treadle machine is just like the one I learned to sew on - it now serves as our coffee table

we added lots of daylight tubes

I found "create" at an antique shop

my black Singer 301 in a trapezoid cabinet - I finished the topper from leftover hexagon blocks

some toys on the ledge

the six Singer Featherweights we serviced and tested this summer ready to find new homes :-)

all my rulers are sorted and organized again - on the wall is my selvage cube quilt

I opened up my Singer 403 in the curved front cabinet and did some sewing on it last week.  Love that machine!
This area needs to be dealt with yet!! LOL  I have to sort my book shelves first to make space.  Hopefully, I will have time this summer.
Sorting and organizing a sewing room is an ongoing, never ending process, but it's always fun to root through and find things you've forgotten about.  Now I need a few weeks of UFO retreats to make headway on the stuff I found :-).