Monday, 30 June 2008

Flowers from a friend!

Check out the flowers we received from friends on Saturday afternoon, delivered to the door! Aren't they pretty? The pictures don't really do them justice as it's a dark day today....

They look very bright and summery on the orange table runner I made last year. Thanks Mary!! I love them.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Siggie Book

Keeping track of siggie activity can be confusing so a notebook of some sort was essential! A recent Fons & Porter magazine had a pattern in it for a cover for a notebook. It is from the extra magazine they publish called Easy Quilts, Fall 2007 page 23, called "Wrap it to go" by Terry Albers. What fun this was to make. Here is the notebook closed:

A standard Blueline hardcover notebook works well:

It has a pocket for a pen and a highlighter. I keep track of the person's name, address, email address, when I send one out, and the date I receive from them. Works great and with the vibrant colours, I can always find my siggie notebook :-)!

Some different layout ideas

Here are two other layouts I'm considering for my Psalms blocks. The first picture shows setting the blocks on point:

It would also be interesting to set them this way with no sashing in between. This would work perfectly with 6 more blocks. I would rearrange the blocks to balance the colours and values. This could provide large triangles to do some nice hand quilting or some piecing with black and the colours that are in the quilt? Or some appliqué??? The sky's the limit eh? :-). I do really like this setting...a tree of life perhaps for the center?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

25 Psalm blocks finished

I have 25 blocks finished in the Psalms Bible Study and quilt block project. I put them up on the wall in the order that we are doing them. As you can see at the bottom, I'm working a little bit out of order right now :-). I am on the home stretch! I'm half way my next block and then have only four more to finish. Then the big decision comes for setting the blocks. I'm thinking of sashing them with black, but haven't decided yet if I'll put them on point or straight. I would like to identify the Psalm for each block...I could add some plain fabric and write the Psalm reference for each one, or possibly embroider them...but that would be a big job. I'll let the project percolate for a bit til an idea hits me like a thunderbolt LOL.

Some more Psalms blocks finished

I finished a few more Psalms blocks recently. This is Psalm 130 "
As Watchmen wait for morning":

Psalm 34 "Broken Heart":

Psalm 92 "Cedars of Lebanon":