Friday, 2 July 2010 I dare use this for garbage? :-)

Finally dug into my basket of selvages to make something constructive out of themmy collection. I have been saving them for awhile, inspired by Karen's blog! Make sure you make a coffee before you start can get lost in this blog LOL. Here is my overflowing selvage basket:

I cut out a foundation fabric and chose selvages that were interesting and that matched the pink and brown fabric:
Here is the finished thread catcher with a pin cushion filled with plastic pellets to anchor it to my sewing machine cabinet:

The lining has pink polka dots and hearts :-)

At least my garbage will now look pretty LOL!

This is the second one I made last week...finally took some pictures today:
Close up of the wording on the selvages:

I used selvages for the back of this one as well, but used the ones with no words on it since you don't see much of it.

My friend, Gail, was busy with her selvages yesterday and covered this sewing bench with hers! Wow, that turned out cool too. Check it out here. I have at least 8 of those benches here and some could use a new cover. I started arranging selvage strips to make a bench cover this afternoon :-).